Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter Emmy Russell made the “American Idol” Top 5, and some viewers are NOT excited for her.  There’s a growing suspicion that there’s a CONSPIRACY afoot, because they think she’s not good enough.

One person said, quote, “Too many great people have gone home while she’s coasted to the top 5.”  Another added, quote, “Never thought a fix could happen on ‘Idol’, but u never know.”

This comment says what a lot of people are thinking:  “Sorry, but the fact that Emmy Russell made it into the final 5 is based on who she is related to . . . She’s talented, but not ‘American Idol’ level.”

(Penn Live)

(Do YOU think Emmy’s good enough to be where she is?  Is she really getting enough votes, or are they keeping her because of her country lineage?  Discuss.)