There was a time when people were worried about walking into work, and having someone say, “Is that KFC I smell on you?”  But now it’s cool?

KFC is releasing a limited-edition BBQ perfume that they say will leave you and the people around you “tipsy with hunger.”

It’s called “No. 11 Eau de BBQ,” and it promises a “classic BBQ experience” in every bottle.  It has a smoky wood smell, with “charcoal notes.”  (???)

Before you get too excited about it, you should know that it’s just coming to Europe for now.  It’s unclear why, maybe they think Europeans are fancy enough to appreciate a fragrance as fine as this. You would think this would be a bigger hit in America, but looks like they don’t want us smelling too finger licking good.

(The Mirror)

(I don’t want to sound like a salty old dog . . . but I wish fast food places would prioritize quality and value at times like these, instead of viral stunts and fake “products.”)