Kanye West lost it on a TMZ “reporter” yesterday and snatched her phone.


It all started with a report claiming that Kanye had banned his wife Bianca Censori from social media.  Supposedly for her own “protection”.


So yesterday, Kanye was walking down Hollywood Boulevard, on his way to the Walk of Fame ceremony for singer Charlie Wilson . . . and the reporter asked Kanye if his wife has free will.


Kanye grabbed her phone away from her and started cussing her out.  He repeatedly called the question “dumb-ass [crap],” and also referred to himself as a “legend” and a “GROWN-ASS SUPERHERO.”


(Pretty sure that’s a new one.)


Kanye berated her for over three minutes, before offering to pay her TWICE what she makes from TMZ.  He finally gave her phone back and went on his way.


Oh, and he was wearing one of those black face covers the whole time.

(WARNING:  The video contains profanity.)