Well, if you didn’t know it already, it’s official.  Jelly Roll is the best.  He wasn’t at the People’s Choice Awards the other night to accept the award for Male Country Artist of the Year, because he had promised some kids in a juvenile detention center that he’d be with them.

I mean, talk about priorities.  He posted a video from inside a juvenile courthouse filling us in on the details.  He said, “we partnered with the ‘Beat of Life’ to bring them a music program . . .  I promised these kids I was coming.  I didn’t want to be one of those people to let these kids down.”

About the People’s Choice Awards, he said, “Don’t take me not being there as anything other than a sign of love and respect, and me trying to do better for my community.”

He seems so proud of the kids he was teaching too as he says, “These kids wrote some big songs today, man.  We’re gonna work something out where y’all can start hearing what we’re working on . . . The Jelly studio is running.”

Instead of being showered with gratitude and praise at a big fancy awards show, Jelly was in a juvenile detention center teaching incarcerated kids how to sing.  Save this man at all costs.

(Whiskey Riff)