Bumble is known as the dating app that requires WOMEN to make the first move . . . but now, they’re helping you out if you DON’T want to initiate.

There’s a new feature called “opening moves” that lets female users set a “prompt,” which guys can respond to.

Their example is a little lame.  The prompt is:  “What do you like about my profile?”  You can make it anything you want . . . the idea is that you’re signaling to the guy that HE can initiate the chat.

(You could ask, “Who would be your dream dinner guest?”  Or “Which former World War Two personality would you like to play pickleball with?”)

There are a few other new features, including “badges” that say what kind of relationship you’re looking for . . . like “life partner” or “fun, casual dates” . . . and the app will now highlight common interests at the top of potential matches’ profiles, like “coffee,” “yoga,” or maybe “Nickelback fan.”