A 30-second ad during Sunday’s game costs about $7 MILLION . . . which is basically the same as last year.  And advertisers think it’s worth it.

Last year’s game was watched by 115.1 million viewers.  And with Taylor Swift on hand this year, who knows.

Companies continue to tease . . . and in some cases outright SPOIL . . . their Super Bowl ads.  Here are the latest:


1.  Uber Eats already teased an ad with David and Victoria Beckham, who revealed that Jennifer Aniston would also be in it.  Well, the ad is here, and it also includes David SchwimmerJelly Roll, and Mr. Halftime himself, Usher.






2.  Bud Light’s got Peyton ManningPost Malone, UFC boss Dana White, and a T-rex.





3.  Dove’s ad aims to keep girls in sports.





4.  Anthony Hopkins plays a mascot for STōK Cold Brew coffee.




(Check out all the latest Super Bowl ads here.)

Originally posted on February 7th, 2024