FULL STORY:  If you heard that someone hot-wired a vehicle from a Walmart parking lot, it probably wouldn’t be THAT surprising.  But what if the vehicle was an Amish buggy?  (And it was . . . I don’t know . . . HOT-REINED?)



An Amish family had their horse and buggy stolen while they shopped at a Walmart in Michigan last Saturday . . . and the police were called.  (Surely NOT by the cell phone that the Amish people were NOT carrying.)  (???)



Fortunately, there was a witness.  A truck driver saw a suspicious woman take the buggy . . . and gave a description to the police.



The cops knew who she was.  They had had some kind of interaction with her earlier that day at the Walmart . . . but there aren’t any more details on that.



Police found the stolen horse and buggy later that night . . . and they were also able to find the suspect at a nearby motel.  She was charged with larceny and larceny of livestock.  The horse and buggy were returned unharmed.