There are signs that someone is driving DRUNK:  They’re speeding . . . they’re swerving . . . they’re drifting into another lane . . . or they’re driving a wrecked truck with a 20-foot tree stuck to it.  (???)

Someone in Michigan called 911 early Monday morning, when they saw a damaged truck at a gas station with a LARGE TREE EMBEDDED IN ITS SIDE.  The driver inside was unresponsive.

When the cops arrived, they woke up the driver.  He was still intoxicated.  It’s unclear if he was injured, but he was sent to the hospital to be checked out.

There’s no word on his name, but he’s 18 . . . and he’s being charged with operating while intoxicated.


(The local sheriff’s office posted a photo of the tree stuck to the truck, and it looks like it was 20 FEET . . . or taller.  One commenter joked, “Well, he’s not out of the woods yet.”  Another joked, “Hopefully all branches of law enforcement can get to the root cause of the crash.”)