Dolly Parton’s first album, “Hello, I’m Dolly”, came out in 1967.  Fast forward 57 years . . . and now she’s working on her 50th album.  This one is rumored to be called, “Dolly Parton: Smokey Mountain DNA”.  50 albums, over 57 years, is truly impressive.

News about the 50th album has largely been kept under wraps until her niece, singer Jada Star, recently talked to “The Sun”.  She said, “It is an album that documents [Dolly’s] whole life.  It has been a huge undertaking which involves the whole family.”

Dolly usually plays it pretty close to the vest with announcements, so you can’t help but wonder if Jada was supposed to drop all this juicy info.  But we’re sure glad she did.

Jada went on to say, “The album covers songs written about [Dolly’s] childhood, her mother and father, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, all the way down to her nieces and nephews . . . It has been a huge crazy project.”

There are no details on a release date for the new album, but it sure can’t come soon enough.

(Daily Mail)

(And if that wasn’t enough, Dolly is also bringing all her music to the symphony.  The show will be called “Threads: My Songs in Symphony” and it will premiere next year on March 20th.)