Remember the old “Radio Flyer” red wagons?  (If not, call grandpa.  He has a photograph, somewhere.)


Someone created a HUGE Radio Flyer wagon that you could actually drive.  And by huge, I mean it’s the size of an SUV.  The wagon IS fully road-legal, and has a top speed of 60 miles per hour.


A man named Fred Keller built this unique vehicle using the chassis of a 1976 Mazda pickup truck 14 years ago.  Unfortunately, he’s no longer with us . . . and his wife has decided to sell it.


It’s being auctioned online as part of a “Mother’s Day Classic Car Auction” . . . with bidding open through Sunday.  Last we checked, the high bid was $7,600.


It comes with an enclosed trailer for travel, and the 8-foot handle is easily removable for transport.  The purchase includes full documentation of the build, and the original VIN plate and manual for the truck.  (UPI)


(Here’s a video with Judy riding inside the wagon . . . a CNN report . . . and here’s some information on the auction if you’re interested.)