Take a guess on this and see if you’re right:  On an average night, who’s sleeping better?  Men or women?  A new poll found MEN are generally waking up more well-rested than women are.

It didn’t look at why, but some research has shown women might need a little more sleep in general.  One study put it at an average of 11 minutes more.

Half of women in the poll said they “often” or “always” feel sleep deprived, compared to just 37% of guys.  And only 42% of women could remember their last “perfect night” of sleep, compared to 52% of men.

It also looked at which STATES are getting the best sleep, and California ranked first.  Even people in Cali only average six-and-a-half hours though.  So basically NO ONE is sleeping enough.

The five most well-rested states are California, South Carolina, New York, Maryland, and New Jersey . . . the five sleepiest are Montana, West Virginia, Maine, Wyoming, and Hawaii.

America’s top three strategies for getting better sleep in 2024 are:  Make your bedtime and morning routines more consistent . . . avoid screens right before bed . . . and skip that midnight snack.  (SWNS)