A man with a metal detector thought he might have made a Valentine’s Day extra special for someone.


A while back, a man in Maine named Scott Mannke was out with his metal detector, when he uncovered a tungsten ring.  It looked pretty rough, so his initial thought was to clean it up to sell it.


But when he cleared off the dirt, he found that there were initials and a date engraved on the ring . . . like it was a wedding band.  So, he decided that he’d try to find the owner.


He posted about it online, and a woman messaged him saying she thought that was HER ring.  He couldn’t believe it, so he asked her what the initials were, and the date.  She immediately responded, and was correct on both.


So Scott offered to meet up with her to return it . . . but she stopped responding.  He reached out again, and she eventually told him that she DIDN’T WANT IT.


She told him that it was her ex-husband’s and that he’d apparently thrown it in the river near where he found it.


Scott said she told him, “Thank you for trying to do the right thing . . . [but] you can either toss it, keep it, or sell it.”  He said he’s trying to sell it.


(WAFF.com has video of Scott sharing the story.)