The next time you get annoyed at a store clerk for allowing someone to BREAK the “10 items or less” express lane rule, consider this:  There’s a chance they’re being held at gunpoint

A man named Jessie Garrett was checking out at a Schnucks supermarket in Missouri last Tuesday, when an employee confronted him.  He was in an express lane for people who had 10 items or fewer . . . and he had more than that.

But rather than move, Jessie “lifted his shirt, and showed the employee a handgun in his waistband.”  (???)

The employee backed off, and the store called 911.  The cops tracked Jessie down.  He was still inside.  He initially denied having a firearm, but the cops found a LOADED gun stashed on a nearby store shelf, behind some candy.

Jessie admitted to brandishing the gun, but said he did it “playfully.”  He also admitted to lying about having a gun . . . but he said he had a good reason:  He is a convicted felon, and he’s not allowed to have a gun.  (Ah!)

Jessie is facing at least two charges:  Unlawfully possessing a firearm, and unlawful use of a weapon.  Both are felonies.

(St. Louis Post-Dispatch / First Alert 4)