Are women really on board with this?  Because it looks more like a torture machine.

A robotics company called Luum has an A.I.-powered robot that can apply fake eyelashes faster than humans can.  The CEO says it will “completely transform the experience of eyelash extensions” at salons.  They just installed their first one at an Ulta store in San Jose, California.

You basically lie down . . . have your eyes taped shut . . . lock your head into a machine . . . and two robotic arms with POINTY TOOLS glue fake lashes onto your real ones.  (Here’s a photo, and a video.)

The tools have been described as “featherweight ultra-delicate wands” that can break away if the robot decides to start STABBING YOU IN THE EYEBALLS.  So . . . don’t worry about that.  (???)  One customer said it feels like “butterfly kisses.”

Their current model can do it 30% faster than a human.  But they’re working on one that can do it 400% faster, and hope to have them at every Ulta store someday.

(Fox News)