Comedians and musicians ask for some crazy things in their tour riders.  Kevin Hart wasn’t super-demanding on his recent Reality Check Tour.  His rider contained pretty basic stuff . . . aside from the four “Man scented candles” that are listed under the heading “Very Important”.

There’s one thing that kind of sticks out though:  Kevin demands that there not be any traffic on his way to or from the venue.  (???)

The rider states that, quote, “Under no circumstances are vehicles to be allowed to encounter any delays due to traffic.”

Obviously, the venue can’t control that.  But the COPS can.

Quote, “Police escorts must be arranged in order to facilitate artist vehicles arrival to and departure from the venue.  Escort must be empowered to route vehicles through any potential traffic delay.”

And while they come in handy for traffic issues, the rider states that police are NOT welcome “in the backstage dressing room hallway, front of house mix position, or in front of the stage.”

They’re also not allowed to “search guests as they enter the building.”

(Check out the rider here.  The police stuff is on Page 8.)