If you have SPAGHETTI-PHOBIA, your morning commute could become even more of a minefield.


Last week, there was a story about road rage, where a woman threw spaghetti at another car, which was being driven by a pregnant woman.  Now there’s this:


A 46-year-old man in Florida named Nolan Goins got in a road rage incident last Thursday, “over glaring headlights.”


According to the police report, Nolan was so upset, he “threw pasta with sauce from the passenger seat of his vehicle, striking [another driver] through his open window.”  The pasta hit the victim in the “arms, legs, and torso.”


Nolan also got the spaghetti on himself.  Neither man was seriously injured.


Nolan was charged with misdemeanor battery, and booked into the county jail.  He’s NOT an Italian chef . . . he’s a painting contractor whose rap sheet includes convictions for selling marijuana, obstruction, and battery.