Just in case you didn’t feel old yet, Ultimate Classic Rock released a list of 30 albums that turn 30 this year.

Here are 10 in chronological order:

1.  “Dookie”,  Green Day

2.  “The Division Bell”,  Pink Floyd

3.  “The Downward Spiral”,  Nine Inch Nails

4.  “Superunknown”,  Soundgarden

5.  “Live Through This”,  Hole

6.  “Smash”,  The Offspring

7.  “Weezer”,  Weezer  (You’d know it as “The Blue Album”)

8.  “Purple”,  Stone Temple Pilots

9.  “MTV Unplugged in New York”,  Nirvana

10.  “Vitalogy”,  Pearl Jam


(You can see the complete list at UltimateClassicRock.com.)