Remember when security breaches were just like, “Oh, your credit card has been compromised” . . . or “your personal information has been sold on the dark web.”

Well, this seems like a step beyond that.

The smart camera maker Wyze told users there was a “security glitch” last week that let thousands of users see footage from OTHER PEOPLE’S cameras.

For some, maybe that was boring footage of the neighbor’s dog pooping on your lawn.  (Again!)  Or nothing at all.  For others, it could’ve been an invasive look at their entryway . . . their garage . . . or even INSIDE their homes and businesses.

Wyze is blaming the breach on its cloud computing partner AWS, which supposedly got overloaded . . . and connected data to incorrect accounts.

Wyze says they realize this is “disappointing” . . . you know, since their BUSINESS is security . . . and they’ve already added a “new layer of verification” so this never happens again.

But this is their SECOND . . . “disappointment.”  Five years ago, a data leak exposed millions of customer email addresses and passwords.


(What’s next?  Will Netflix have a “security incident” where they capture reverse footage from your TV of YOU in your living room . . . Netflix-and-chilling?  And then stream it in their “New Arrivals” section?)