Do you have to deal with a partner picking their nose . . . without even trying to be discreet about it?  Do they bite their nails?  Are they one of those people who “forgets” to flush the toilet?

People on social media are talking about the GROSSEST things their partner does . . . that they’ve just come to accept . . . and there were some fun ones.


1.  “He picks his teeth with the point of a knife.  It’s not really gross . . . but the sound of metal against teeth makes me cringe.”


2.  “He leaves used Q-tips everywhere.”


3.  “She bites huge, cartoonish chunks out of cheese we have in the fridge.”  (???)  (I mean, this is also kind of hilarious, right?)


4.  “He forcefully gags himself when brushing his teeth to remove phlegm.  It’s shockingly loud . . . every single tooth brushing.”


5.  “She nearly dies from choking on stringy cheese every time she eats a mozzarella stick.  She never learns.”


6.  “She mixes M&Ms and Skittles in a bowl and eats them together.”


7.  “She sucks her tea bags dry.”


8.  “His dog sleeps in bed with him, and the dog regularly pees in the bed.”


9.  “He sometimes eats while using the bathroom.”


10.  “She poops without closing the toilet door.”


(Other people had silly deal-breakers that weren’t really “gross,” like:  “When she gets ready in the morning . . . and puts on socks and shoes . . . she goes sock-shoe, sock-shoe instead of sock-sock, shoe-shoe.”)