If you’re really fired up about your New Year’s resolutions . . . good news:  you could be PAID to stick to them.  And you can eat ICE CREAM too.  (Assuming your resolution isn’t AVOIDING ICE CREAM.)  (???

Halo Top ice cream is asking for applications for so-called “endorsement deals.”  They’re hiring 10 people, who will be paid $5,000 . . . mainly just for having a goal for the new year, sticking to it, and documenting their journey.

You can apply on their website . . . with a photo of yourself, and a 30-second video explaining what your goal is, and why it’s important to you.

It won’t really work for things like “saving money” or “cutting back on alcohol” . . . but it doesn’t have to be too extreme.  It could be anything tangible, like learning to surf or play pickleball, walking regularly with friends, trying yoga, cooking healthier, or training to do 100 pushups.

If you’re hired, you’ll have to share 30-second progress videos for eight weeks.

They’re accepting applications through Friday, January 19th . . . and you’ll have to be available to do it from mid-February into April.

(HaloTop.com has more information, including a note about how you’d get eight pints of ice cream!)



Originally posted on January 5th, 2024