UNDATED (LEARFIELD) – 276 million dollars for affordable housing — Governor Tim Walz’s request to the legislature in part one of his state bonding proposal.  Officials say it’s double the dollar amount of any previous administration’s plan.

“The governor and I believe that every man, every woman, every Minnesotan, every child without exception deserves a safe, affordable, dignified place to call home,” said Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan.

However, Republicans say that building and zoning codes and development rules must be reformed to bring the costs of home construction down.

“I don’t think we can buy our way out of this,” said Tama Theis. “I think we need to look at what’s causing the higher prices and you don’t find that out when you bond,” said Rep. Tama Theis (R-St. Cloud).

The governor is expected to announce more of his bonding later today.