ST. PAUL (LEARFIELD) – Minnesota is joining California and 20 other states in challenging the Trump administration, which wants to prohibit states from having their own standards for low- and zero-emission vehicles.

Governor Tim Walz today asked the state Pollution Control Agency to set new regulations requiring manufacturers reduce emissions in total, across all types of vehicles they sell in Minnesota.

“They can balance it out,” said Walz. “If they want to sell a vehicle that has 3 miles to the gallon and obviously the emissions are up, they’ve got to balance it out by selling the numbers to bring that number down over the entire fleet.”

Republicans aren’t so eager to go along with the Governor’s proposal though.

“The governor does not get to unilaterally dictate what kind of cars we choose to drive in Minnesota,” said Gazelka.

He adds the goal of 750-thousand electric vehicles in Minnesota by 2030 is “just not possible.”