If you toasted up some Wonder Bread for breakfast, congratulations on your healthy eating choices.  (???)  Or at least healthier than if you hadn’t toasted it.

A doctor in the U.K. named Karan Rajan posts health advice on TikTok.  He also just published a book called “This Book May Save Your Life”.  One of his videos went viral this week after he explained why toasted white bread is healthier than untoasted.

White bread isn’t healthy in general, because it’s high on the glycemic index.  That means it breaks down in your body fast and makes your blood sugar spike.  It’s one reason something like whole wheat is always going to be better.

But toasting white bread lowers its glycemic index rating by causing more “retrograded starch” to form.  It acts more like fiber and breaks down more slowly, so your blood sugar stays more stable.  And you feel fuller longer.

Freezing bread causes a similar reaction.  He says if you freeze a loaf of white bread and then toast it, you can lower its glycemic index by almost half.

It applies to pasta too.  Leftover pasta that’s refrigerated and reheated is lower on the glycemic index than when it was cooked fresh.

(NY Post)


(Here’s the video.)