ou know you’re a Gen Z’er when you like “Scrabble”, but you think it’s too hard . . . “too intimidating” . . . and uncomfortably competitive.  (???)

The makers of “Scrabble” say that younger folks find the game to be TOO INTENSE . . . so they have just released a new version, which is supposed to be more “collaborative” and “accessible.”

It’s called “Scrabble Together”, and it’s a lot different.  In this version, players TEAM UP to complete mutual goals . . . like:  “Play a word containing two of the same consonant,” “play a word containing at least two different vowels,” and “complete a vertical word.”  (???)

If that isn’t easy enough, you can also flip HELPER CARDS, which introduce things like “Make ‘S’ tiles a blank.”

An exec at the company says the new game “brings people together” . . . including people who think “word games aren’t for me.”

It’s also designed for Gen Z’ers.  Their research shows competitiveness is declining in younger generations.  They say younger folks “avoid competitive games,” in favor of “teamwork and collaboration.”

“Scrabble Together”comes with the original version on the other side of the board.  (For when everyone realizes how BORING this new version is.)

There is one caveat.  The new version is only available in Europe for now.  It’s being put out by Mattel, which owns rights overseas.  “Scrabble” is controlled by Hasbro in the U.S. and Canada, and it’s unclear if they plan to follow suit.


(I can picture it now:  “Back in my day, we played the ORIGINAL, CUT-THROAT version of “Scrabble”, and ties were settled by FISTICUFFS!!!)

(I can MAYBE see this for people who don’t like word games.  But in that case, why bother . . . it’s STILL a word game?)

(Not sure I buy that the younger people are less competitive.  Have you watched an e-sports event???)