It’s a new era.  A Navy sailor can now have one hand in their pocket, while the other one is givin’ a peace sign.  (???)

The Navy has lifted its ban on sailors putting their hands in their pockets . . . which, is a major win for sailors who never know what to do with their hands.

A service memo says, quote, “Sailors are authorized to have hands in their pockets, when doing so does not compromise safety, nor prohibit the proper rendering of honors and courtesies.”

They also announced a few uniform changes, including the return of the female combination cover, also known as “the bucket cover.”  They were retired in 2018 to make the uniforms more unisex, but since then, female sailors have been asking for them to be brought back.  It sounds like it’s an optional thing.

Also, women can now wear FAKE EYELASHES or eyelash extensions that “project a natural appearance and are no longer than 14 millimeters in length as measured from the eyelid to the tip of the eyelash.”

( / American Legion)