Got those taxes done?  The deadline is Monday, and here’s a fun reminder that the government does take a bite . . .

A study found the average American will pay just under $525,000 in taxes in their life.  The exact number is $524,625.

That’s not just income taxes.  It includes things like sales tax and property taxes.  Altogether, it amounts to 35% of all the money we earn.

It depends on where you live though.  People in one state actually have to cough up over HALF their earnings.  In New Jersey, 54% of your money gets taxed away.  Connecticut is next at 49%, then Vermont and New York at 45%.

Compared to that, people in Alaska have it pretty easy at just 25%.  There’s no statewide sales tax in Alaska, so that’s one reason.  After that, it’s Delaware at 26%, and Louisiana at 27%.

Google Trends looked at the top questions we’ve been asking ahead of Tax Day.  They include “Is it better to file jointly or separately?” . . . “How to file a tax extension” . . . and “How often does the IRS audit?

The answer is about 1 in every 500 returns, or a 0.2% chance.  But it’s higher if you earn a lot.  People who make over $10 million a year have about a 1-in-40 chance of being audited.

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