If the Skittles “taste the rainbow” ad campaign lives rent-free in your head . . . now you can live rent-free in a Skittles rainbow.

Skittles has announced a new promotion where they’re offering one person the chance to live in a tiny Manhattan apartment . . . for free . . . for a year.

It isn’t just any apartment, it’s SUPER colorful.  There is also a lot of Skittles décor, so if you have a sugar habit and are easily tempted, it could be intense.

If you’re trying to visualize this funhouse, it looks like the kind of place you could imagine a divorced, middle-aged Ronald McDonald moving into.

Here are the specifics:  It’s a tiny, 353-square-foot apartment with one bathroom, not far from Midtown Manhattan.  Even at that size, a year of free rent is HUGE for this location.  The building also offers a fitness center, a roof deck, an outdoor grill, a laundry room, and bike storage.

Your “lease” would run from June 15th of this year through May 14th, 2025.

You can enter for a chance to win now through Tuesday, May 21st, at Skittles.com/LittlesLiving.  (This “little” apartment sweepstakes is a promotion for Skittles Littles, which first came out last year.)

(Food & Wine)

(Here’s a tour with the apartment’s designer.  And here are the full terms and conditions.)