UNDATED (LEARFIELD/KMHL) – The issue of refugee resettlement is in limbo after a federal judge last week put President Trump’s order on hold — and over 60 Minnesota counties have not made a decision whether they’ll accept refugees.

Matt Hilgart with the Association of Minnesota Counties says it’s a completely new topic for county officials:

“If your county was planning on talking about this or having public conversations or having the department of human services out to present and talk about refugee resettlement, or even if your county was planning providing consent, you may still want to consider doing that,” said Hilgart.

Hilgart says they’re advising county officials, if they were planning to talk about the issue they should still do so — because it’s up-in-the-air whether the “hold” on President Trump’s order will be permanent.

The issue is on the agenda of Lyon County Commissioners on Tuesday.