MARSHALL (KMHL) – The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for the Redwood River in Marshall as the river is over flood stage.

Weather service river forecasts predict the river will stay in the minor flood stage around 15 feet through at least Saturday. But Marshall Mayor Bob Byrnes says that is well within the protection limits provided by the city’s flood control project.

“The river will stay at the level it is, the diversion channel will be used to nearly its capacity,” said Byrnes. “But we should be within the protection that has been provided by the flood control project.”

Byrnes says the biggest problem for the city is the flow coming into the wastewater treatment plant which is four and a half times it’s normal flow.

“Normal flow is right around 3 million gallons, that’s received at the wastewater plant, we’re probably over 14 million gallons that’s coming here,” said Byrnes. “Much of that extra flow really is coming from sump pumps that are illegally discharged into the sanitary sewer system.”

Byrnes says homeowners should instead make sure their sump pumps are discharging into the storm sewer drain in the streets. He says if people have questions to check with the city.