WASHINGTON, D.C. (LEARFIELD) – Seventh District Congressman Collin Peterson says despite overtures from the highest levels of the Republican Party, he’ll remain a Democrat.

“I’m staying in the party, in spite of some of the stuff that’s going on that I don’t agree with,” said Peterson. “I’m not going to switch parties at this stage of my career.”

Peterson says he continues leaning toward a “no” vote on impeachment of President Trump.

“I did not like at all what went on with this Russia situation, and the stuff that was done with the Muller report,” said Peterson. “We had people on the news every night making proclamations that turned out not to be true, that’s a lot of the problem here.”

He says Democrats have not presented a solid enough case and, with little chance of the Republican-controlled Senate voting to convict the president, the process is only further dividing the country.