Is this sweet . . . or like a COW getting a birthday card from a BUTCHER.  (???)


A nursing home in the U.K. got a big batch of Valentine’s Day cards for its residents, but they weren’t from children.  They were from a FUNERAL HOME.


The cards were tastefully done, with a red heart and a pink bow . . . and the residents were supposedly “overjoyed” to receive them.


On the inside, it said, “Sent with love from T.H. Sanders & Sons” . . . a funeral home in the community.


Some family members were upset, claiming that this was insensitive . . . and shameless marketing.  Some even blamed the nursing home for having a hand in it, because the cards were dropped off, and didn’t come through the mail.


The funeral home apologized for any “unintended distress.”


And the nursing home said it’s no big deal.  They said, “We value the support and engagement of all our neighbors in the community, including T.H. Sanders.  Residents were thrilled to receive the cards, and they all had a lovely day celebrating.”


(The Sun)