I guess a strong cup of coffee doesn’t cut it for the next generation coming up behind us.  People are just SNORTING CAFFEINE now.  (???)



A product called “Want a Bump” launched last year.  It’s a white powder that looks just like COCAINE.  But it’s legal, so you can buy it on Amazon.  It’s billed as “Instant energy, on demand.”  (Here’s a photo.)



It’s in the news because it’s been circulating on social media, and experts are telling people NOT to buy it.  Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s safe.



When you drink caffeine or get it from things like chocolate, it absorbs into your body gradually.  But it happens a lot faster if you snort it, so you can OVERDOSE.  Doing it regularly can also mess up your nasal passages just like cocaine does.  (You’d have to chug 28 cups of coffee to O.D. on caffeine.)



It’s one of a string of products like this that exist now.  There’s also a caffeinated nasal spray with the very classy name Turbo Snort.



The snortable powder also has B vitamins mixed in.  Ya know . . . to really make it “healthy.”



(NY Post)



(Stick to coffee, people.  Imagine the look on your boss’s face if you pulled out a vial of this stuff and did a line at your desk!)