New Ernest and Jelly Roll Collab: “I Went to College, and I Went to Jail”


Ernest and Jelly Roll just released a clip of a new song together and the lyrics are funny.  Apparently, these two have known each other since 2010.  Ernest would stop by Jelly Roll’s house to get some party favors.  And then they didn’t see each other for a while because Ernest went to college and Jelly went to jail.



The lyrics are, “One was a dorm room, and one was a cell.  Who came out on top?  Hell, it’s hard to tell.  I went to college, and I went to jail.”



And it sounds like we have Luke Bryan to thank for this collab.  Ernest told him the story of him and Jelly, and Luke said, “you better write that effin’ song right now.”  (Whiskey Riff)



(PROFANITY WARNING: You can check out the full interview, here.)