Late Sunday night, Morgan Wallen let the liquor talk.  And maybe he should give up the sauce for good, because he could have killed two cops in the process.

Around 11:00 PM Nashville time, Morgan allegedly threw a chair off the SIXTH story roof of Eric Church’s new bar “Chief’s” on Broadway.  The chair landed only a few FEET away from two cops.

And honestly, it’s a miracle someone wasn’t hurt or KILLED.  If you aren’t familiar with the Broadway bar scene in Nashville . . . imagine Times Square.  There are people literally everywhere!  It’s insane that this dude chucked a chair off a roof.

The flying chair was caught on surveillance video and witnesses say they watched him pick up the chair and throw it over him . . . LAUGHING afterward.  He’s SO lucky that he didn’t seriously injure someone.

Hopefully someone can talk some sense into him before he derails his career. Maybe Jelly Roll can be that guy, since he started off as a delinquent and then became successful.  Morgan is currently trending in the exact opposite direction.

Morgan was booked by the Metro Nashville Police department on three counts of FELONY reckless endangerment and one count of misdemeanor disorderly conduct.  His bail was set at $15,250.  He posted and was released soon after he got arrested.

Morgan has not commented yet.

(Here’s his smiling mugshot.)

(Here’s a short video of Morgan getting handcuffed, and some grainy video of Morgan throwing the chair.)

(And here’s a poorly shot clip of him being crazy in the back of the cop car.  WARNING:  There’s profanity in the video.)

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