ST. PAUL (LEARFIELD) – A survey of nearly 900 owners and managers across Minnesota finds relative stability for businesses in revenue growth, employment, investment plans and new product development.

Sean O’Neil with the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce says growth is down a little bit from 2018, but overall they are really optimistic.

“[Businesses are] still really focused on how they can grow their companies, how they can create winning products and services for their customers.”

He notes the biggest challenge for businesses is the continued shortage of quality employees.

“As they try to grow and expand their company, sometimes they just don’t have the availability of the talent and skill-sets that they need in their community or region,” said O’Neil.

He adds that business’ are not just going to “roll over and give up” either. Forty-one percent of business executives interviewed said they plan to add workers next year.  That compares to 32 percent that added workers in 2019.