MARSHALL (KMHL) – The Minnesota National Guard is seeking money from the state legislature in the bonding bill to renovate the Marshall National Guard Armory.

Col. Sol Sukut says they’re looking to remodel the current space that was built in the 1950’s.

“As we showed the legislators around on the tour we have a classroom that fits about 25 people, but we have 100 in the unit,” said Sukut. “When you’re here for a 2-day drill weekend to get the efficiency and training for that soldier to be able to get everything they need to get done on-time and together as a team is really difficult.”

Sukut says they asking the legislature for a little over $3 million for the project, which they’ll combine with federal funds to remodel the building. He says things have really changed since the building was first built.

“Most of the bonding isn’t to get after the backlogged unit maintenance, but it will really help us renovate the spaces so that unit’s operational space can be maximized on a two day or three day drill weekend,” said Sukut.

Sukut says the Marshall Readiness Center is one of a few they are requesting money from the legislature to renovate.