They say “the customer is always right.”  But do you really believe that?

18-year-old Anna Harycki works at a place near Indianapolis called Prime Car Wash.  And she had a run-in this month with a customer who was very rude for no good reason.

The woman had just pulled her car into the tunnel to get it washed.  And Anna was pressure-washing the driver’s side doors when the lady rolled down her window . . . and threw a cup of lemonade at her.  (???)

It’s not clear why the woman was upset, but Anna didn’t skip a beat.  While the window was still down, she took the pressure-washer and blasted the woman in the FACE.

The whole thing only lasted a few seconds before the lady rolled her window up, and Anna went back to washing her car.  But a security camera got it all on video.

The car wash sided with Anna.  The woman and her boyfriend are now banned from coming back.

(Fox News)



(Here’s the footage.)