They say you should never drive on E, and never shop for groceries on E.  (That’s EMPTY of course . . . not Ecstasy . . . although the same goes for that.)

New data shows that grocery shopping on an empty stomach costs you an extra $26 per trip, on average.

From personal experience that seems LOW . . . when I’m hungry, I go from thinking, “I need to stick to the list” to “Well, the list was just a starting point.”

76% of people agree that they’re more likely to spend more if they shop while hungry, and about 60% say they’re also likely to buy more UNHEALTHY foods.

The research also found that the average person makes two grocery runs per week, and budgets $162 for their haul.  Although that’s vague, because they don’t break down how that may change depending on the size of the household.


(The WORST is when you overbuy groceries because you’re hungry, and then stop to grab takeout on your way home.  So it hits your wallet twice.)