GRANITE FALLS (KMHL) – Last week, the Granite Falls Health Board decided to enter into discussions with Avera Health about an enhanced system agreement between the two systems.

Granite Falls Health CEO Tom Kooiman says they are excited to be moving forward.

“In Granite Falls I can tell you the executive team of providers, the board is excited,” said Kooiman. “Avera really just has a great reputation for providing rural health care in a quality manner.”

Kooiman said the board’s main goal is to preserve health care and jobs in Granite Falls. He says that Avera gives them the best option to do that.

“They felt that it was the best opportunity to preserve health care services in our community, preserve jobs,” said Kooiman. “They felt Avera was the most dedicated to rural health care and having services done as locally as possible.”

Kooiman says details on the type of agreement haven’t been worked out yet – but those will be figured out in discussions with Avera over the next few months.