There’s no wrong time to exercise . . . any exercise is better than nothing.  But a new study suggests there COULD BE a “right time.”

A new study tracked people over EIGHT YEARS, and found that people who exercise in the evening have a 61% lower risk of death from any cause compared to people who don’t exercise.

Everyone who exercised was better off, but the people who exercised in the morning and afternoon only had lower risks of 33% and 40%, respectively.  So it wasn’t as dramatic as the people who worked out at night.

Why is exercising at night better?  The data suggests it could be because our bodies are primed to handle blood sugar better later in the day.  (The study was focused on people who were obese, many with Type 2 diabetes.)

And fitting in some exercise in the evening might lower our blood pressure throughout the night and into the next morning.

The study also found that the frequency of exercise . . . how often you move . . . seemed to matter more for health than the duration of the activity.

(Study Finds)