Would you be more excited about going back to the office . . . if the smell of Indian Sandalwood was always wafting through the air?

The “Wall Street Journal” says that some employers are pumping FRAGRANCES into work spaces to improve workers’ moods.

There isn’t one magic scent that is doing the trick . . . companies are creating CUSTOM blends.

(Which is the PERFECT opening for an opportunistic firm to come in and help bosses “curate” a personalized smell for their company.  Or, for that one employee who already won’t stop talking about essential oils.)

One company uses one that incorporates 35 ingredients . . . including “Asian Sambac Jasmine, which is said to improve happiness and confidence, Indian Sandalwood for alleviating anxiety, and Italian Pine to fight fatigue.”

But you can’t just pick random things.  One expert warns that you should know what you’re doing.  For example, combining the scents of lavender and pumpkin pie has a dramatic “sexual arousal effect.”

There have been plenty of studies that show that scents CAN have a positive effect on your brain . . . but there are some drawbacks as well.  (In addition to all the sexual arousal.)

Some people are really sensitive to smells, and even a pleasant scent can be distracting and overbearing.  Others could also be allergic to certain fragrances.  The key is probably to use smells delicately, with plenty of ventilation.

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