Personally, I’ve never heard this about The Rock, but there are reports that he’s chronically late to his various projects, and it causes serious issues.

For instance, when he was filming “Red Notice” back in 2020, his lateness caused a rift between him and Ryan Reynolds. . . supposedly to the point that Ryan had to tell him he was affecting the shooting schedule.

And this was during COVID when there were strict protocols that already made it difficult to shoot.

Sources say the issue wasn’t as bad as some media outlets are making it seem.  They got past it, and “Red Notice 2” is in the works.

Meanwhile, The Rock is currently in production on a Christmas action movie called “Red One” for Amazon, and insiders say his tardiness has caused the budget to balloon by at least $50 million.

Supposedly, he can be up to EIGHT HOURS late on any given day . . . then he saves time during the shoot by peeing in water bottles and having his assistants throw them out.

One source on the production says, quote, “Dwayne truly doesn’t give [an eff].”

But Amazon is denying it, and calling The Rock and his production company “incredible partners” on “Red One” . . . which is hitting theaters in November.