You officially have a gambling problem when you blow your rent money betting on Skee-Ball . . .

Dave & Buster’s is going to start letting customers gamble on arcade games.  For example, you and a friend could jump in one of those car-racing games and put $5 on who wins.

They’re rolling it out in the next few months at all 223 locations.  You’ll need to be a loyalty member, because they’re running it through a new feature on their app.  And you have to be over 18 to bet.

They haven’t said which games you’ll be able to bet on, but maybe all of them.  A few being mentioned are Skee-Ball and their Hot Shots basketball game.

They’re planning to limit how much you can wager but haven’t said what that limit is yet.  They expect the average bet to be around $10.

(CNBC / Business Wire)