MARSHALL (KMHL) – City officials said as of yesterday, there are still no confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Lyon County.

During an update, put together by city officials, Avera Marshall Chief of Staff Dr. Stephen Meister said that measures to slow the spread are working in the region.

“I’m very impressed by the ways that our citizens have responded to our pleas asking you to stay at home and socially distance, it’s working, we’re noticing less people on the streets,” said Meister.

But he notes that we’re not out of the woods yet.

“The pandemic is not over, we have yet to see the surge and we are anticipating a surge, which is the bad news,” Meister said.

He adds that test results are returning to them faster. Instead of the 5-to-7 days those tests were taking to get back before, Meister says they are seeing tests return in 3 days.

Here is the full video if you want to see it.