MARSHALL (KMHL) – For nearly a decade the city of Marshall has been debating about what to do with the old Marshall Hotel building.

Last night, the Marshall City Council discussed and approved advertising for bids to demolish the abandoned building on Main Street.

Former City Engineer and Public Works Director Glen Olson told the council there were more problems found with the building during the city hall renovation (next door to the old hotel building) in downtown Marshall than expected.

Marshall City Administrator Sharon Hanson told the council during last night’s meeting work on city hall revealed water had been getting into both buildings through two window wells in the hotel.

Olson indicated that the water issue was not visible until crews exposed the problem along the inner portion of an outer wall.

Several city officials said their preference would have been to work with local developers on the building, but those attempts have not been successful – and fixing the newly discovered water issue would be very expensive.