Aaron Rodgers says he never called Jimmy Kimmel a pedophile . . . and technically, he’s right.

Remember, Rodgers had said that Kimmel was one of several people hoping that a Jeffrey Epstein list wouldn’t come out.  And that led a lot of people to believe he was implying Kimmel would be on it, which is fair.

But yesterday on “The Pat McAfee Show”, he gave his side of the story.

He noted that back in the COVID days, Kimmel mocked him for saying stuff that turned out to be TRUE.

He also mocked Aaron for claiming some kind of Epstein “client list” even existed.

So, Aaron claims, the reason Jimmy would hope there’s no Epstein list is because that would mean he’d been proven wrong TWICE by a, quote, “soft-brained, junior college wacko.”

He added that he does NOT think Jimmy is a pedophile and, quote, “I wish him the best.  I don’t give a [crap] what he says about me.”

One thing Aaron did NOT do was apologize.