Have you ever tried to fight a speeding ticket?  Good luck!  This lady might have a case though . . .

A grandmother in East Cleveland, Ohio named Joann Gibson recently got two tickets in the mail for doing 27 in a 20-mile-per-hour zone.  The fine was $105.  But the weird part is, she wasn’t driving.  And there’s proof.

An automated traffic camera handed out the ticket . . . and the footage clearly shows her car hooked up to a TOW TRUCK when it happened.  (Here’s a photo.)

The truck driver was the one speeding, but the camera scanned Joann’s plate and issued her the ticket instead.

It happened in December after her van broke down.  She says she went to a nearby police department to show them the mistake, but they told her to contact a third-party vendor that operates the camera.

Her local news just did a story, and the president of her city council is trying to help her get the ticket expunged.  Even if the fine is waived, it could affect her insurance rates.

The news report is mostly about how the camera shouldn’t have been there in the first place.  The council recently voted to have it removed.  But the tow truck part seems like the more obvious reason to waive the ticket.