A 52-year-old man in North Carolina named Walter McCray has finally been arrested . . . after he had a years-long affair with . . . a woman’s 2008 Toyota Avalon.  Yes, it was a case of “mechanophilia” . . . a sexual attraction to machines or vehicles.

The victim was an 82-year-old woman.  She said several years ago she started noticing strange fluids on and under her car.  She took it in, and the mechanic said it appeared that someone was doing something to the vehicle.  (So those fluids weren’t oil or gas.  They were several types of human fluids.)

She tried to put up cameras to see what was happening, but the perp would always move the cameras.  Eventually, the police put up their own surveillance equipment, and he was finally nabbed after he had a date night with the car on Sunday.  After the arrest, the woman said she didn’t recognize the man.

He was hit with more than 10 charges, including felony stalking . . . damage to property . . . and tampering with a vehicle.

(Kinston Police)

(And here’s a local news report, which has footage of the woman’s maroon Toyota Avalon.  It’s a handsome car.)