Some people get a little crazy with the customizations when ordering delivery . . . but no one has done anything THIS extreme.

Some guy named Greg went viral for placing a very strange order from McDonald’s on Saturday, through a delivery service.

He ordered a Triple Cheeseburger, but had EVERYTHING removed . . . so, no ketchup, no mustard, no pickle, no onions, no cheese, no bun, and no meat.  He says he just wanted to see what happened.

When the driver got to the restaurant, he texted Greg saying, “Cheeseburger with everything removed, including the bun and meat . . . so you’re gonna get an empty box.  You cool with that?”

Greg said, “Perfect, thank you.”

And believe it or not, the order was STILL “wrong.”  When Greg opened the bag, which was “sealed for freshness,” there was just an empty box in there . . . a box for a Deluxe McCrispy.

He said, “I ordered a Triple Cheeseburger, not a McCrispy!”  (???)

Anyway, Greg paid $20 . . . for his NOTHING BURGER.

The Triple Cheeseburger was $5.39, even with everything removed.  There was a $3.00 service fee . . . 42 cents in tax . . . and he tipped the driver $11.

(LAD Bible)

(The guy gave a two-star review to the McDonald’s in the app for botching his order, which isn’t cool.  Yeah, for the wrong box thing.)

(But he did give the delivery driver five stars and an $11 tip, which IS cool.)