If you just got out of prison, you might want to ride home IN STYLE . . . and not just ONE Corvette will do the trick.  This person needed, like, 10 Corvettes.  (???)


A 23-year-old man from Oklahoma named Isaiah Walker was arrested after he stole a semi from a truck stop in Arizona.


He assaulted the driver, and drove off with the semi, which was hauling 10 Chevrolet C8 Corvettes . . . worth over $1.25 million.


The police tracked Isaiah down.  He initially refused to pull over, but they eventually got him to stop and he was taken into custody.


When asked WHY he stole the truck, he claimed it had nothing to do with the Corvettes.  He said he was just released from prison, and “needed a ride home.”  He was charged with 11 counts of felony theft.

(Here’s a photo of the semi.)